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Is It Real?
Photo: Marco Michelini
“Is that real?” This question comes often from young children who are learning to sort out the differences between “real” and “fake.” We hear plenty these days about “reality.” There are even people who agree to be video taped 24 hours a day so others can see the “reality” of their lives. I’m glad I’m not one of them!

There is a reality show I am a part of, though. You are too. We can’t choose not to play this game because everyone alive has been born into this conflict, this struggle between the powers of good and evil. Everything that is loving, kind and generous is from God. And everything that is selfish, materialistic and vain is of Satan. There are only two sides in this battle. You can’t be on your own side and you can’t be neutral. If you haven’t chosen to be on God’s side you’re automatically with Satan. “He who is not with me is against me” (Luke 11.23).

Distant and Unreal

Perhaps you’re not really buying into this. God, angels and heaven seem so distant, so unreal. You can’t see them or hear them. But whether or not we choose to believe in God doesn’t determine God’s existence. The fact is that we are surrounded by spiritual beings continuously, regardless of whether we acknowledge their existence or not. It’s kind of like hurricane season. It doesn’t matter whether the inhabitants in the path of a hurricane believe the weather forecaster and take precautions. The devastating storms will strike with just as much fury whether or not people believe they are coming .

We may go back and forth at times between trusting in God and not, like a tug-of-war game. But since we never know when our lives may end, it is wise to consciously choose to be on God’s side every single day. Don’t put it off! It’s much better than the alternative.

By placing yourself daily in God’s hands you will be safe and have the assurance of eternal life with Jesus in heaven. And that is real and absolute truth!

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