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Dad Won't Let Me Date
Photo: Jose García
How can I talk Dad into letting me date?

Pastor Edmond Answers:

The best way is by demonstrating that you are a responsible person.

You probably think your dad is overprotective, but he really doesn't want to micromanage every aspect of your life. That takes too much time and energy. And besides, what your dad really wants (other than for you to be saved in God's kingdom) is for you to be happy.

(I, by the way, am not overprotective-my wife is. She worries about wimpy stuff, like my children riding on roller coasters, and my taking them jet-skiing when I can't swim. I, on the other hand, reserve my worry for truly frightening stuff, like teenage boys.)

Your job is to make your dad feel comfortable with letting you out of his comfort zone. Think about it from his/our side for a moment. Dating does carry some risks. You are asking someone (your dad) to allow you to do something (dating) that carries the potential for harm, when his job until now has been to protect you from harm.

Dads aren't ready for a step like that unless you demonstrate that you are responsible. That means doing what you're supposed to when you're supposed to do it. And it means not allowing your friends to influence you to do wrong.

Sooner or later your dad will let go of you; dads usually do (now, mothers are another story). You just have to help him get comfortable with the idea.

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