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Attitudes and Success
Photo: Ruth Strong
On a recent trip to our local shopping mall my attention was arrested by the myriad of pithy sayings boldly displayed on T-shirts proclaiming adolescent attitudes and values. Some were funny; others were really pathetic.
Attitude is vital. It can make you or break you. There are many circumstances in life we cannot control, but we can choose our attitudes every day. Sam Campbell, naturalist and author, points out that success is largely dependent on the quality of one’s thoughts and attitudes.
This is especially true in regard to education. My brother, a professor at a midwestern U.S. college, tells me that his most successful students are not the brightest ones. That group thinks they already know so much--why bother to study or even show up for class?
It’s the students who are focused and diligent who do best. The ones who excel are the ones who have learned how to deal with peer pressure and have firmly established their own value systems.

Short Time in the Classroom
When I went off to college my mom sent along this quote: “If you can learn how to learn you will have succeeded.” We spend a relatively short time in the classroom in comparison to the rest of our lives. It’s an important time, though, because it influences so strongly what we will do (and how successful we will be) in the future.
I recently read of a Japanese lady who enrolled in seminary at the age of 70. Why would someone “so old” want to go to school? She evidently realized how necessary this education would be in helping her achieve her goals for service to humanity.
I can guarantee you she is a happy person because she has developed an attitude of service, which always leads to fulfillment and true success.
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