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TV watching can affect more than your mind. It can also help determine your girth. A recent study of 50,000 women revealed that for every two hours per day of TV watching, the risk of obesity increases 23 percent. Diabetes risk shoots up 14 percent. Interestingly, sitting while at work carries a much smaller increase in risk.

Conversely, for every hour of brisk walking that participants enjoyed each day, their chances of becoming obese plummeted 24 percent, and their risk of diabetes fell 34 percent.

Researchers concluded that if women spent less than 10 hours a week watching television and at least 30 minutes a day walking briskly, there’d be 30 percent fewer cases of obesity and 43 percent fewer new cases of diabetes.

Their recommendation? Get off the couch and go for a walk! (Journal of the American Medical Association)

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