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A Picture of You
Photo: Marja Flick-Buijs
They were sitting in a circle around my living room, the teenagers I’d come to love. We’d been meeting at my house every Wednesday night to study the Bible, share and pray. That night I asked them, “Draw me a picture of what causes you to feel low self-worth.” The pictures both surprised and saddened me.

Jake drew a picture of his face dotted with acne.

Sandy drew a picture of herself walking by a group of slender girl’s with the caption, “She’s fat!” written above them.

Ricky drew a picture of himself holding a Biology paper with a big “D” grade on it.

Carmen drew a picture of her pronounced nose.

Katie drew a picture of herself losing the class election—tears streaming down her face.

Trevor drew a picture of himself as a weed about to be mowed over by a lawn mower.

Other pictures drawn by the rest of the group were similar.*

I was both surprised and saddened because when I looked at these teens, my picture of them was much different. I saw teens not willing to give in to peer pressure. I saw friends who were always there for each other. I saw servants who were ready to help me at church at a moments notice. I saw young people of great value. I saw daughters and sons of God.

Self Worth Picture 

What would your self-worth picture look like, if I asked you to draw me one? Would your picture be of something you don’t like about your looks? Would it be a picture of how hurtful your peers treat you? Or maybe how you feel your parents or teachers perceive you?

If you drew me a picture, I bet I’d look at it and say, “I don’t see you this way. I see someone much more special than this picture shows.”

More importantly, I can imagine Jesus looking your picture and saying, “Oh, this is all wrong. This isn’t how I picture you.” Then He’d go on to tell you that He has known and loved you since before you were born. He’s been there when you’ve been sad, even though you couldn’t see Him. He’s protected you, even when you didn’t realize it. He’s heard and answered all your prayers, even if you didn’t get the answers you wanted. He sees the good in you. Someone worth forgiving and giving a second chance. Someone worth dying for. He calls you “Son” or “Daughter.” And He wants to spend eternity with you.

So the next time you picture yourself, see yourself through God’s eyes. Then you’ll see the real you. A beautiful picture of you.

*All names were changed

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