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Long-Tailed Weasel
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“The LORD will rise up…to do his work, his strange work, and perform his task, his alien task” (Isaiah 28:21).

I’ll never forget the day my Chihuahua dog, Mindy, encountered the Long-Tailed Weasel. We were strolling around the chicken coop when suddenly the weasel appeared at the doorway. In a split second, it made a break for it and began rapidly climbing the front wall of the building.

Mindy, a much fiercer hunter than she looked, sprang with the speed of lightening and grabbed the weasel halfway up the wall. Though it was at least as long as she was, Mindy quickly subdued the foe. Even though this was likely the very predator that had been killing chickens and stealing eggs, I was sad to see the weasel come to such a sudden and terrible end.

Think About It.

Although the weasel was guilty of terrible crimes against our chickens and deserved what it got, witnessing Mindy’s act of final judgment upon the vicious creature was not a happy moment for me. Nevertheless, the weasel’s death was the only sure way to protect the chickens. Likewise, God (who is love) will not be pleased when He destroys the wicked in His final act of judgment. But the final disposal of sin and unrepentant sinners is our only guarantee for eternal safety from the effects of sin.

Do It.

Make a list of family and friends that you will pray for daily. Make a habit of praying for the salvation of those on your list throughout the day and during your devotional time.

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By Tammie Burak. Reprinted with permission from the Canadian Adventist Messenger, January 2007. Copyright © 2010 by GraceNotes. All rights reserved. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines.

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