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Addicted 2 Gaming
Photo: Armin Hanisch
Don’t think your love for gaming is an addiction? Think again! Researchers at the Charite University Medicine Berlin in Germany have found that people who describe themselves as “excessive” computer gamers showed classic signs of craving when shown images from their favorite games.


What kind of signs? Like a desperate “need” to play, an expectation to feel better once they did, and fully intending to play again as soon as they could—all classic hallmarks of real addictions.

Sabine Grusser, of the German University, says that addictions stem from relying too heavily on a single coping strategy so that it becomes the only thing that “works” even though it’s only temporary.

One thing that makes it harder for gamers is that computers are such a huge part of our lives now, so treatments are approached in much the same way as eating disorders. Groups such as Gamers Anonymous and EverQuest Windows are there to help people with their addictions, much like Gambler’s, Narcotics’ and Alcoholics Anonymous. Taken from http://www.newscientisttech.com/channel/tech/dn8327.html.

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