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Walking by Faith
Photo: Hemera
Years ago I traveled to New Mexico with a youth group for a mission project. Our destination was a desolate mission on a Navajo Reservation in the high desert. At night the sky looked like someone had used an ice pick to punch millions of holes in its black dome. The stars were awesome!

One night, a young lady who worked with the mission volunteered to take us on a hike to her favorite spot. After walking a distance away from the compound she asked for our flashlights and told us to carefully follow her lead. It was so dark the ground was impossible to see. We gingerly picked our way over boulders and nervously stumbled along in the dark. At various points we squeezed through passages and crawled over huge rock formations, careful to follow her every command.

Finally she stopped, returned our flashlights and told us to stay where we were. When we turned our lights on we were standing on the edge of a deep, smoky canyon. She explained that in the bottom of the canyon were coal fields that had been smoldering for years. It was a strange, eerie sight.

As we walked back to the mission, I was struck with how our safety had depended upon having a trustworthy guide with a light. She knew the pathway and kept us from being harmed.

The Psalmist says, "Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." (Psalm 119:105) Having God as our Guide and His Word to illuminate our path gives us assurance as we journey through life.

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