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The Spider That Could
Photo: Ulrik De Wachter
“If you do not believe in yourself, do not blame others for lacking faith in you.” --Brendan Frances

Spiders. I’ve always been fascinated with them ever since I can remember. Long ago, I attended camp meetings with my parents for ten days each summer in the Tranquil hills of northern New Jersey. We resided in a large canvas tent during those ten days.

For reasons unknown to me, several daddy long legs would crawl rapidly up and down the walls of the tent. I couldn’t help but notice the spiders always seemed to have a goal of where they were going, and never gave up no matter what barrier arose deterring them. They believed in themselves.

Recently, I noticed an outdoor spider had spun a beautiful large web on my patio which connected from my hanging geranium plant to a large bush on the ground. When the sun shone in the morning, the web glistened. A few days later, rainstorms and strong wind came along. The web wavered and shook, but stayed firmly in place. However, after several daily storms, the web was destroyed. I was amazed to find Mr. Spider was not discouraged by the damage, and rebuilt his web within a few hours after its destruction. He believed in himself.

The other day I noticed a spider in my bathtub when I was preparing to shower. I ran the water and watched as Spider swirled around and disappeared down the drain.

Never give up

The next morning, the same spider was in my bathtub. Once again he swam down the drain with the bathwater. Every morning for a week, the spider greeted me in the bathtub. Yesterday, he must have decided he was tired of swimming up and down the drain, and he managed to perch himself on the higher level of the drain plug. Spider knew what he wanted and needed to be successful in life, and he got there. He believed in himself.

Be like a spider today. Believe in yourself. Never give up, no matter what storm or barrier comes your way. If God gives the spider such persistence, determination and strength, think how much more He has given you. Ask for His power; you will prevail.

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