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This page features eight modules that are fed to hundreds of websites via RSS. Once material is published it is added to this page for future reference.

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Picture It - Discover what happens when photographs and Bible texts unite on the same page to proclaim God’s Word. Enjoy the rich imagery and spiritual impact of these unique devotionals.

La Bible Dit - Apprenez ce que la Bible dit au sujet du passé, du présent et de l’avenir. Découvrez comment appliquer les Écritures aux questions et besoins pressants de la vie.

La Biblia Dice - Conozca lo que la Biblia dice en cuanto al pasado, al presente y al futuro. Descubra cómo aplicar la Escritura a las interrogantes y necesidades que presionan nuestra vida.

La Familia es lo Primero - Enriquezca su experiencia familiar con estos consejos, artículos y recursos útiles. Aprenda cómo transformar lo negativo en positivo y edificar relaciones más significativas.

Staying Young - They say "you're as old as you feel." If that's true, you can be young and feel old. Or you can be old and feel young. What makes the difference? Learn how to lift your spirits and maximize your health!

City Lights - Do you live in the city or have an interest in urban issues? Come here to enjoy fresh articles on community, culture, faith, and more!

Hope Generation - If you're 13-18 years old, Hope Generation is for you--with challenging views on alcohol, careers, depression, drugs, environment, faith, and more!

Family First - Enrich your family experience with these helpful tips, articles and resources. Learn how to turn negatives into positives and build more meaningful relationships.

The Bible Says - Learn what the Bible Says about the past, present and future. Discover how to apply Scripture to life's pressing questions and needs.

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