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Hide and Seek
Photo: Anissa Thompson
Last night as my husband and I sat around the table with our five children eating supper, our youngest child, two year old Laura, decided to get up and play on the floor. You know how enchanting little ones are to watch. Before we knew it she was covering her eyes and playing “peek-a-boo” with us.

She would cover her eyes, squeezing them tightly shut and smiling brightly all the while. And we would call, “Where’s Laura?” And finally she would throw up her hands with the biggest grin and giggle with all her might as we said, “There she is!”

So, it struck me how funny small children are. Toddlers really believe no one can see them if they themselves cannot see anyone. They believe they can “hide” from their parents, even though mom and dad are right there watching their every move.

It occurred to me that we, as children of God, often play “hide and seek.” We believe that if no one can see us commit our sins, that our secrets are safe. We forget that God, our loving Father, is right there - watching our every move. We forget that even though our thoughts, our actions in private, or even the harsh words we say to a loved one are not often made public before our peers, God is right there cringing with each mistake and wishing we would listen to His steady voice.

God Knows Better

And just like any loving parent, God is there to pick us up and offer comfort when we fall. We may fool ourselves into believing that our sins are safely hidden away in the deep recesses of our hearts and minds, but God knows better.

While we may hide from the truth, God is constantly seeking our hearts. When was the last time you played hide and seek with God?

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