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Blessings in Disguise
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Blessings come in many varieties. Some blessings are easy to spot. Like a sunny, calm spring day with perky birds warbling nothing but good news. Or a quiet evening spent in the company of loved ones just talking about nothing in particular, but enjoying it as much as if it were something spectacular. These blessings are the predictable kind. The ones that you can always count on to perform their special wonder.

Then there are the blessings that are not immediately identified as such. In fact, they may be seen as anything but blessings! I mean, blessings are supposed to make you feel good, right? Blessings are supposed to always arrive gently into our laps with a velvet ribbon attached. Right? Not always. Some blessings, which at first may appear quite clearly as curses, often drop into our laps like lead balloons.

For example, recently my mom was visiting for a few days. Having to work during the day for part of her visit, I naturally wanted to make the most of all the time we had together in the evenings. Well, one of the evenings, I had to bake a couple of pumpkin pies that I had agreed to donate for an upcoming church event. I was not strongly motivated to spend the evening doing this to begin with, but when I discovered that I was out of eggs, I became downright resentful about it. “Now I have to go back to town at this hour and get eggs for these stupid pies!” I whined.

I got in the car and hurried to the store so that I could come back, get the pies baked, throw them on a cooling rack, and resume my time with Mom. But you know what happened? On my way home, I realized how unnecessary it was to get worked up over a couple of pies. So, when I got home, I asked Mom to pull up a chair in the kitchen and keep me company, which she was happy to do.

Peaceful Symphony

As it turned out, the late hour of the evening provided a most peaceful symphony from the frogs in our nearby pond as I had the kitchen windows open. The warm breeze flowed through, and Mom and I chatted happily. It was actually one of my most precious memories of Mom's visit, and I would have missed it if it hadn't been for those pies! That was definitely a blessing in disguise.

Then there was the evening recently when I planted my strawberries. I had worked all day and was very tired, but my strawberry plants had arrived and needed to be planted. I could have waited until the next day, which I was really leaning toward. But then I decided to push on and just go out and get them planted even though I was really dragging.

As I began digging in the fresh soil, my weariness seemed to subside. The more plants I placed in the ground, the livelier I felt until finally I found myself placing the final plant in its place. Through the process, I had eavesdropped on the most glorious conversations among the birds in the nearby trees. The evening air was the perfect temperature, and there were no mosquitoes in sight. Perfect! Once again, as I picked up my tools, I realized that had I waited until the next day, I would have missed that wonderful experience that I had earlier expected to be a drudgery. Another blessing in disguise.

Every day holds one experience after another. Some of those experiences will be easily identified as blessings. But in those times when when the schedule gets changed or when you're inconvenienced and you are sure your day is ruined, don't judge too quickly. There might be a blessing right around the corner that wouldn't have happened otherwise.

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