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Where You Belong
Photo: Witek Burkiewicz
When I was sixteen, I spent a several days in a juvenile detention center. I had run away from home twice and my parents were at a loss to know what to do. The sheriff found me in front of a pool hall about 150 miles from home, hungry and living on the streets. From there I was taken to the local county jail, then transported to the juvenile detention center in the county where I lived.

After taking a shower and putting on the required detention garb, I was escorted to a nearby barber shop for a "haircut." You guessed it, the barber only knew one style--the buzz!

From the moment I entered the detention facility, I knew I didn't belong there. I didn't think I belonged at home either, but I knew I didn't belong in "Juvie Hall." Many of the kids were from troubled homes, had multiple violations and were on a fast track to becoming seasoned criminals. The day's activites included watching TV, playing basket ball, cursing and fighting. I sat on the fringe and tried to stay out of the way.

Embracing despair

Really, I was running away from more than just my home. I was running away from God, religion and school. I had embraced the culture of the day which said, "don't listen to your parents, God, or anyone else who tries to tell you what to do." "Just be who you are." It never dawned on me that following this road would lead to disillusionment and despair.

Although I was released from detention a few days later, it was a number of years before I discovered where I really belonged--in God's heart and with His people.

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