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Difícil de Tragar
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Recently, I performed a medical procedure that required to drink about a gallon of liquid in a couple of hours. Every ten minutes should consume eight ounces of a clear solution, it was assumed, he had flavored "cherry". The instructions recommended that the solution was cold and wanting to be an exemplary patient, followed all the instructions to the letter. Let me say that the thing was absolute and certainly the worst and most disgusting drink I've ever tasted in my life. If you do drink this mixture to the contestants of TV show "Fear Factor", no one achieved proceed to the next test. After force myself to drink that, I was fully prepared for the end of the world. I'm ready. I saw death face to face, and I survived. There are times in our life when circumstances or situations are very, very difficult to swallow. The cup has asked us to drink is too sour and makes every fiber of our inner dodge the horror of what awaits us. At such times, God seems far away, while our life is enveloped by the fearful darkness. During one fateful night, long ago, a humble carpenter, a kind and gentle soul, drank two glasses -the first cup, communion, full of life and blessing. The other cup, misfortune, was full of death and a terrible curse. By drinking two glasses of these, Jesus encouraged his followers for all time to remain in Him, so that give much fruit (John 15: 1-5). The two Cups of Life The life of a fruitful Christian always ranges between two glasses. While we would all like to have our permanent residence in the Upper Room, there are times when the Lord asks us to accompany the painful and bloody suffering Garden. It was there, in Gethsemane, when Jesus sweated blood after that second glass, and because of their courage and sacrifice, is that our lives have been saved for eternity. Thank you, Jesus, for drink the cup of woe. Having taken out of my hands the cup of death and from drinking every drop of it. Suddenly, what You have asked me to swallow, no longer seems so unpleasant. ______________________________ By Jim Park. Copyright © 2015 GraceNotes . All rights reserved. In Chari Torres. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines .


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