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Photo Gifts
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The Christmas season is just around the corner. As families grow, unless one is rich, it becomes harder to afford gift buying. We all say that gifts aren’t important yet we all want to buy or make gifts for the simple reason that we enjoy gifting our family members. And let’s face it; we’d really like to give the perfect gift. That takes some figuring.

Last year, I started a long overdue project of going through many boxes of family and friend’s pictures, deciding what to keep and what to toss. Many were duplicates that belonged to our parents, who also had never put them in albums. Yet I didn’t want to toss them. What to do?

Then, I thought, why not make memory albums for the family members? The cost to create these albums was affordable and the joy the gift brought was worth the preparation. I know that my creativity in doing this is not unique as many other people make memory albums. Yet when I saw tears roll down the face of my granddaughter-in-law as she saw pictures of her husband, as a child, that she’d never seen before, I knew the gift was perfect for them. Our son, who knew I was creating the albums, had no idea that he and his wife would get one too. He thought it was a grandmother project. His and his wife’s obvious delight in receiving one was evident.

Old Family Photos

Depending on the age of family members, there are other ways to make use of family pictures. How about a poster of a teenager artistically added to a picture of his or her favorite famous person? Or a mug with a picture of one of your relatives as a child? Or a picture puzzle for a young child or even an adult made from a snapshot with a family pet or a fun time such as a family vacation?

An older family member, especially one who may be handicapped in some way or confined, might enjoy a packet of say 12 post cards (along with postcard stamps to mail them, and perhaps an easy-grip pen too?) that features a picture of him or her, perhaps as a child, to send to friends.

If the older person is a jokester, the post card might even carry a caption, “From one of your favorite antiques.” It provides a fun way for them to stay in touch. You can do projects like these quite reasonably at business centers like Walmart. It’s amazing what those wonderful machines-for-reproducing-pictures can create!

But don’t forget while you’re thinking up the perfect gift to give, think on The Perfect Gift —Jesus—the reason for the Christmas season. And as you write the gift tag or card to go with the gift, you might add something like this, “I thank Jesus that we’re in this family together.”

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