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Outside the Box
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My husband bought me a new cookbook for my birthday after I not-so-subtly hinted that I wanted it. It’s a brand new book -- all about stewing, steaming and even baking in a crock pot. The author owns 25 slow cookers of different sizes and temperature settings, and has spent the past five years preparing most of her family’s food in one or another of these pots. I have ONE crock pot, and thought it was for soup.

However, as I eagerly perused my new book, the advantages of using a slow cooker immediately appealed to me – no more standing over a hot stove, stirring stuff, no more cleaning up boiled-over messes, being able to keep food warm for several hours without burning it, cooking and serving in the same container –so efficient!

Enthusiastically, I began trying new recipes. The baked potatoes turned out perfectly, with petal-soft skins and just the right texture. The crusty whole wheat bread was delicious, and the oatmeal raisin rolls were even better. My kids devoured the sloppy joes before they even had a chance to be sloppy. We’re having the Easy Does It Spaghetti tonight (which is how I have time to be writing.) I can hardly wait to try the Pineapple Upside Down Cake.

My Conversion

I have owned a crock pot for 20 years. Why did I never think to utilize it this way before? Only when someone pointed out (in an attractive, tried-and-true way) all the great reasons to avail myself of this easy, efficient method was I convinced and converted.

Perhaps, for some of us, the gospel is like this. We’ve had a Bible sitting around for ages, and maybe have even read it now and then. But until someone who has been immersed in the Word presents it in an appealing, yet simple and efficient manner, we don’t realize all the situations to which it applies, all the solutions it provides. We don’t know what a treasure we possess.

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