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Scars or Stars?
Photo: Elizabeth Flores
I remember the day a 13-year-old boy with a broken leg was wheeled into the hospital emergency room where I worked. He and his little sister had been hit by a car in the crosswalk while riding their bikes to school. In shock and pain he blurted out, “I’m never going to school again!” Interesting how going to school was associated with the accident while bike riding was not!

When I was 19, I dated a guy five years older who effectually said, “I’ll never drive a car again!” Because he hit a lady in a crosswalk and seriously injured her, his response to the tragedy was to put the blame on his driving, and never get behind the wheel again.

These two incidents have reminded me that what happens to us in life is not nearly as important as how we respond to it. Let’s face it. Bad stuff happens to all of us! There is no way around it. Life isn’t always fair! But when trouble strikes and disappointment rears its ugly head, the attitude with which we choose to respond to the hardship will ultimately determine its outcome.

Overcoming Hardships

A study was done on one hundred of the world’s most successful people in order to find out if there was anything each of these people had in common. After a thorough investigation into their lives, they were found to be from a variety of different races, income brackets, educational backgrounds and social positions. Nearly ready to give up on the idea that a common thread might bind them, it was finally discovered that there was one thing each of these successful people shared. Each of them, at one time or another had been faced with a serious hardship, handicap or adversity they had to overcome. Their response to that hardship, whatever it might be, was to meet it head-on and overcome it. In so doing, each of these people developed the character necessary for success.

As we navigate through life it is inevitable we will face obstacles, disappointment, grief, depression and stress. Sometimes these experiences produce scars. But according to Robert Schuler, “God wants to turns our scars into stars.” Our attitude and response to the blows that come our way may determine whether or not God can do it!

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