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Persistence Pays Off
Photo: Tanja Sund
A few years ago I became an avid weight lifter. I routinely exercised four or five times a week. For the first couple of years, I didn’t gain much muscle weight. Many guys I knew used an array of supplements to aid them in muscle building and some even used steroids. I just supplemented with some extra protein every day. I was a pretty skinny guy and I wanted to have huge muscles that I could show off.

I was somewhat disappointed that I didn’t see results right away, but that didn’t deter me. I varied my workout routine every couple of months to keep things fresh. At the end of two years, I was finally seeing some marked results. But something happened. I sprained my ankle while playing basketball and this prevented me from going to the gym for two months.

When I was able to return to the gym I found I had lost a lot of my strength. I had to start all over again. Again, I was persistent with my workout schedule and gained back the lost muscle in no time. I was excited because the continued work outs were starting to show.

Then something else happened. I pulled a groin muscle. I was determined to not let this stop me, so I tried to work around the pain. My groin muscle healed quickly and I was back to working out at full speed again.

The Payoff Finally Came

All the hard years of working out finally paid off. I gained 30 pounds of solid muscle in a matter of six months. I was surprised by the results but not as surprised as my friends were.

Our spiritual life works in the same way. We may not see immediate results from praying, worshipping, and tithing. It may take years to see any results. We just have to keep nourishing ourselves with the protein of the Bible.

We will run into road blocks. We have to turn to Jesus to get us through them and to keep us from giving up. With persistent prayer and a strong faith in Jesus, we will be blessed in ways that will surprise us. Our friends will take notice of the blessings as well. We will then have a chance to witness for our Lord, which will only bring more blessings.

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