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Clean Your Closet
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I remember as a young boy having a messy room. When I got home from school I would throw my backpack in the middle of the floor and my jacket on the bed. When finished playing with my toys, I would leave them where they were. Each day the mess continued to accumulate until my room was so cluttered I couldn’t find anything.

When the weekend came my mom would tell me I had to clean my room before I could go outside and play. I lived in Southern California where the weather was always nice. Everyday was like paradise, so I couldn’t wait to get outside. I would grab all my things from the floor of my bedroom, throw them into the closet and slam the door shut. Then I made up my bed real fast to make it look halfway decent, straightened up the top of my dresser and desk, then dashed outside.

Once, in the middle of a good game, my mom came outside and called me back into the house. She thought I had cleaned my room until she opened up the closet. What a mess! So, mom told me I had to clean my closet and I couldn’t go back outside until she inspected it. Ouch! 

A Lesson Learned

I reluctantly followed mom's instructions, but it took me longer to re-clean my room than it would have taken to clean it right in the first place. When I finally finished for the second time, I went back outside. My friends were finishing up the game and were too tired to play any more. That bummed me out and I thought to myself, “If I only had done it right in the first place I wouldn’t have missed out on all the fun.”

In our spiritual lives, we should take time to make sure our hearts are clean. Making our lives look good on the outside while having darkened, sinful hearts only hurts us in the long run. We need to face our problems as they come instead of hiding them in dark corners.

Next time you are tempted to fill your heart's closet with things that don't belong there, why not invite God to help you put everything where it belongs!

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