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Pushing Away Darkness
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I received a phone call from a woman I had never met before; her quiet, timid voice came through the line. She had been given my number by a friend of mine, because she had recently gone through some events, that years ago, I too, had gone through—multiple miscarriages. Even though I wanted to talk with her, I had my doubts about how helpful I would be to her, because I was going through other hardships of my own at the time.

I listened as she shared with me about her miscarriages, her emotions, her fears, anger, and apprehension for future attempts at having a baby. I found myself sharing my story—my miscarriages and my emotional experiences with them.

We talked about how I now have two beautiful children to love and to hold after my loss.

We talked for several hours. Our conversations have continued. We live in the same town but have not met in person yet. We plan to meet soon. I feel as though my soul is connected to this woman’s, as we have walked on a similar path. This sweet woman does not have a baby to hold—yet.


As I was driving in my car the other day, I was listened to one of our Christian radio stations. Something that was said, really caught my attention, “No matter who you are, you are called to help push away the darkness.” Wow! What a statement and a calling to help others through the “storm.”

The woman I had been talking to, told me that she felt so much hope after our conversations and that it was helping her get through this difficult period in her life. Did I help push away some of her darkness? I hope so! I have been blessed in my own life, to have been blessed with others who have helped push away my darkness.

You don’t have to be living a perfect, well-balanced life in order to help someone else. “No matter who you are, you are called to help push away the darkness.” Who will you help today?

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