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Why Seek Youth?
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There is a strange phenomenon about growing old. We want the advantage that comes with wisdom that is only learned by growing old. Yet we also want to retain all the energy and vitality of youth. Those of us who are able to retain the latter well into advanced years are fortunate. However, there is also a calm that comes with accepting the slower pace most elderly people must face. The acceptance is the hard part.

I’ll admit that it’s taken me awhile. And I’m still struggling a bit. Just the other day, as I perused a woman’s magazine I spied among the pages a delicious-looking holiday vegetarian recipe. Tears fell as I realized I can’t make that kind of a presentation for the holiday table anymore. I simply can’t stand long enough to do it.

My role is more of matriarch now. I suppose that it’s rather silly of me to allow tears to flow? Yes, but it’s a part of homemaking that I brought me pleasure, knowing that pleasure extended to others whether family or strangers at the holiday table.

Helping Hands Reach Out

As a young person, a middle-ager, and even into my early advanced years, helping and doing for others, especially the elderly provided delightful times. Now, helping hands reach out to my husband and me. People offer to help in the grocery store. Deacons rush out from the church doors to help my husband get my scooter out from our van. Neighbors drop off delicious garden produce and sometimes even cook it for us. All the things we used to do for others. It seemed too little to do then; it seems like large gifts of kindness for us to receive now.

Yet there are still ways we, too, can help others, especially by doing large and small volunteer projects at home. And each and every one is like getting a boost of youth again. The very doing is reminiscent of those youthful times. But even if we couldn’t it’s nice to see those who are young move into the positions of service: to see the torch being passed on.

Why seek youth? Well, I figure it’s quite okay, since we’re promised bodies at the prime of life in heaven where we’ll be young forever—so seek youth for heaven’s sake. It will truly be ours in perfection one day soon.

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