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Losing Her Baby Boy
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When I first joined Instagram, I only followed people I knew. Lately, I have been following a few who inspire me. Mostly other moms, raising young kids and sharing their journey through social media. One of the mothers, has a young boy about two years old, and had another baby boy about two months ago. Soon after birth, she realized something was terribly wrong with her son when he stopped breathing in her arms. The ambulance rushed him to the hospital, where he had just been born a few days earlier. 

Over the next several months, this mama would go through the journey of doctors not knowing what was wrong with him, to diagnosing and fixing the problem, only to find something else catastrophic happening. Each and every day was filled with hope and then agony; over and over again.

This mama documented her journey with pictures of her sweet son. Some pictures were of him wide awake and alert and looking like a normal healthy baby. Other pictures were of him hooked to every possible wire and machine; clinging for dear life. She begged for the prayers of everyone and clung to hope. She was like a mama bear, fiercely fighting for her son. 

She posted a picture several weeks after I started following her journey. It was a beautiful picture that she had someone take of her and her baby boy. She had her head resting next to his and she was crying. Her caption below the picture said, “Please keep praying. The doctors have officially told us he’s not going to make it.” It’s enough to break any mamas heart. To see another woman and mother, who loves her kids as intensely as you do with yours, enduring such pain, is unimaginable. How do you wrap your head around the grief of losing your child?

All the Whys

Weeks after that beautiful picture was taken, her baby boy passed away in her arms. Thousands of other moms like myself were following her story on Instagram, praying and sending love, hope and encouragement her way. She posted about her feelings, emotions and all the whys. But through all of her pain, she wrote about three good things that came out of this situation: 

1. She realized how wonderful the community was around them with their support and prayers. It impacted her views on humanity. 

2. She stated that her marriage was so much closer and more connected. She mentioned how oftentimes these events can do the opposite. 

3. She came to appreciate life in a way she may never have otherwise. 

Life is full of wonderful blessings. But it’s full of a lot of pain and loss as well. Even through her time of heavy heart ache, this mother showed others how to look at this life differently. She shared transparency, enduring faith and raw emotion.

It’s hard to make sense of it all. We do ask the whys and try to comprehend how an innocent baby could die. We don’t always get the answers we are looking for, but we do know that God is always with us.  “For this God is our God forever and ever; he will be our guide even to the end” (Psalm 48:14).

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