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Passion Story Ideas
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The year is transitioning again. The sun begins to emerge, birds are singing, and the displays of candy, white lilies, and pastel Easter bunnies are lining the displays at our local stores. The bright colors hint at welcome anticipation: rainy spring days won’t last forever and warm weather is almost here!

As we enjoy spring and Easter draws closer, I have been looking for new ways to make the holiday special for my children. Sometimes it’s hard to find meaning among the festivities and these are a few ideas I’ve gathered to help my children celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus during this holiday.

Build an Easter library. I like to keep a collection of picture books on our shelf for each season and there are a number of well-written books focusing on the real meaning behind Easter. God Gave us Easter by Lisa Tawn Bergren and What is Easter? by Michele Medlock Adams are two of our favorites. Visual learning often helps children grasp abstract concepts and I love the way my preschooler starts thinking and asking questions after reading stories.

Experience a Passover seder. You might find a local church in your community offering a Passover seder or you can celebrate one in your own home. Helping your children experience a seder can bring to life the last Passover supper that Jesus had with His disciples. And utilizing a Christian haggadah (service) has helped our family appreciate the beautiful symbolism between the elements of the seder and Jesus’ death and resurrection.

Include Resurrection Eggs in your Easter egg hunt. Family Life Today, a Christian ministry focused on strengthening families, has created this teaching resource for parents. Each of the twelve eggs in this set holds a “memory-grabbing object” representing part of Jesus’ journey to the cross and resurrection. An accompanying booklet allows the children to read a Scripture to go along with each object and follow the story to its conclusion.

Watch a live passion play. Many local churches offer a live dramatization of the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection, allowing children to see and experience the story as if they were right there watching it happen. (This may be too intense for young children, so use discretion and make sure the play is age-appropriate for your family).

Incorporate meaningful crafts. I have a preschooler who thinks that life can’t get much better than paper, glue, and scissors! Like many moms, I’ve been browsing Pinterest with searches like “Christian Easter crafts” and getting ideas for my daughter. There are simple options like printable coloring pages or more involved crafts like a paper tomb with a door or growing an Easter garden.

Watching your children begin to understand the passion story is a wonderful opportunity to help them bring life and the gospel into this Easter season! And experiencing quality time with us as parents can make it even more meaningful.

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