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Unexpected Example
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Is moving ever easy? To me, the hardest part is nearing the very end, when there are odds and ends to deal with and the final cleaning to complete.

My son was a senior in college, my daughter a freshman. Since he was old enough to live in a university apartment, she could live there too. The year went well and very quickly. After graduation, they both planned to work at summer camp, he, for one last summer before getting married, and she for her second summer on the waterfront.

The furniture had been put in storage, their cars packed with what they would need at camp, and what was left over was to go home with me. Before all the moving tasks were finished, the time came for them to leave. Wanting to allow plenty of travel time, I assured them that I was glad to finish the cleaning.

Began Scrubbing

Feeling a bit daunted by the jobs still to complete and the long drive home, I decided to get started on the kitchen floor. My younger son, who had just completed his freshman year in high school, was busy carrying things to our fast-filling car. Walking in the door as I was on my hands and knees scrubbing, he remarked, “Mom, you’re are getting all wet. Do you have other clothes?” Before I could even answer, and without another word, he knelt down, picked up the other brush, and began scrubbing.

I can’t begin to tell you how full my heart was. I thought of the responsible young man he was becoming and I rejoiced at the compassion and care he demonstrated. As we scrubbed, my thoughts drifted to our Savior who walks beside us, our Lord who takes our cares, burdens, and sins, making them His. That simple act carried such significance.

Many times my mind has wandered back to that day with my son kneeling there beside me scrubbing floors. And many times since that day, my mind has wandered to my loving Savior there beside me as I work through a difficult task. “You give me strength and guide me right.” (Psalm 18:32).

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