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Through the Storm
Photo: Erika Gladden
Last year, we had the pleasure of watching a mourning dove build her nest in one of our light fixtures out back. I peeked and saw two white eggs in the nest. We were delighted. My kids were very interested in watching these eggs to see the magical day when the baby birds would emerge.

Through hot sweltering days to summer thunder storms, there sat the momma bird, keeping those babies safe. The daddy bird also took turns. We researched a bit on mourning doves and were thrilled to see that it was a team effort.

I will never forget that warm, sunny day, when I looked up in the nest, while momma bird was out getting food. Looking back at me were two fuzzy feathered and beady-eyed baby birds. My kids were overjoyed to see these new-to-the world babies.

I kept worrying about their safety. What if another thunder storm hit when momma bird was gone? Or what if the sun was too hot and daddy bird was out getting food? What if the babies fell out of their nest? These baby birds looked too fragile and too delicate to be left alone.


With all these worries, I realized that just as we humans have instincts, so do birds. They do most of their activities in the morning during the cooler hours and perch in the shade during the hotter hours. The nest is partly shaded and sheltered mostly from the rain and the sun. The babies stay in their nest. I can almost hear the momma and daddy say, “We will be back. Do not go anywhere.” Birds are smart and even in their most fragile states, have ways to survive and instincts to help them.

This reminds me of God and His love and nurturing that He pours out on us. He worries about our safety also. He probably thinks we are too fragile to be left alone sometimes. But He remembers that He has provided us with instincts and intelligence. And we may have sweltering hot days and thunder storms (trials and tribulations) befall our nest, but we have instincts and His loving care to help keep us safe.

We never got around to taking the nest down after last summer. About a month ago, I saw momma bird had returned and laid two more white eggs. I read that mourning doves can return to the same spot each year. After a couple of weeks, I peeked up in the nest when momma bird was away getting food, and there were two fuzzy little grey-feathered babies peering back at me. What a blessing! And what a blessing to be reminded again, that even in our most fragile states, we can weather the storms, and that we have a heavenly Father to help us along the way.

“Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? And not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But even the hairs of your head are all numbered. Fear not, therefore; you are of more value than many sparrows“ (Matthew 10:29-31).

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