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Those Good Old Days
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“You kidding me”, they said, “No TV, no texting, no computer, or face book? No way.” This was the reaction from some teens when asked if they would like to go back and live in the Andy of Mayberry days. You may remember the TV series with Sheriff Andy Taylor, Aunt Bee, Little Opie, and Deputy Barney Fife. The series ran in the 1960s and took place in the quiet little town of Mayberry.

The reaction, however, was different when I asked the same questions to a group of adults. Many of them responded with a “yes”. Why are those days so appealing to some adults today? Some said it was the warm, friendly, atmosphere in the life of the community. (I don’t know about your neighborhood, but in mine you are lucky to get a wave. They are all good folks but it seems people just don’t want to get involved in their neighbors lives).

The Mayberry life was also a simpler life. There were quiet times on the front porch after dinner, friends gathering without having to have a “party.” People were content with the simple things of life. While watching the program you wanted to walk into the Taylor home and sit at the table for one of Aunt Bee’s dinners. Our modern, high speed lifestyles have changed so much of what had real value to the family life in Mayberry.

In the Taylor house there was meaningful communication among the members. Notice that they ate together, a rather rare event today. Because of our life styles, sitting down as a family for a meal is difficult, and we louse valuable opportunities for communication and reconnecting with the family members.

Two Electronic Devices

Notice that there were only two electronic devices available to the family: TV and radio. Too often today, everyone heads for different parts of the home to do their Facebook, computers, video games, etc. And there was discipline in the Taylor home, but it was done with love and without anger. These were teaching moments, and little Opie learned from them.

What can a family do to bring back some of the values of the “Good Old Days”? One thing we could do is make an effort to have at least some meals together at the table. Also, some families designate a no-electronics night. Warning! This may cause a riot. Plan to do more things together as a family. Planning and effort will make the home a better place for everyone.

I think what we saw in the Mayberry series were the values they lived out. There was respect for other people, honesty, integrity, and family strength.

There has never been a time when the family is being attacked from all sides as it is today. As parents, spend some time in prayer, seeking God for what He would have you to do to build a stronger family. It will take effort, but it will live on through your children to the next generations.

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