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Midnight Peace
Photo: Jeff Osborn
It was the middle of the night and the only thing my weary brain could process was how exhausted I was. It has been a challenging day and now I was standing over the crib of my six month-old baby, trying to soothe her back to sleep again. I had lost track of how many times she had woken up that night. The usual routine and tricks of the trade just weren’t cutting it and I felt my last shred of patience deserting me.

I thought we had finally overcame this hurdle; achieved the goal of smooth and restful nights. I had read the books and tried to follow all of the advice. So why was I back here in this situation again? I fought back tears as I tried to quiet her sobs. “Just please go to sleep!” I thought lethargically. The night felt never ending, but I knew that morning would come too soon. A new set of challenges would be waiting and I would be ill-prepared to face them if I didn’t get any rest.

Somehow, her crying eventually ebbed and was replaced with restless tosses and turns. She would fall asleep for a few minutes and then wake up and the cycle would start all over again. We both were exhausted but while I would have given anything to be drifting off, she was stubbornly fighting it. I knew the poor night’s sleep she was getting would carry consequences into tomorrow. If only she would give in, I could finally sink back into my bed.


As the minutes ticked on, my frustration grew and my patience shrank. I would throw little prayers heavenward every few minutes. “Please help her fall asleep,” or “Please let her stay asleep this time so I can get some rest.”

Suddenly the selfishness of what I kept demanding hit me. I was so wrapped up in my own needs I wasn’t thinking about anything else. I took a deep breath and made the conscience decision to use this time to praise God instead of demand relief. I thanked Him that I had a healthy baby, a bed to sleep in, and a home that provided us with shelter.

As I continued to pray, I felt God’s peace wrapping around me and my patience being restored. I was still exhausted but I no longer felt so frazzled and alone. I felt a reassurance that even though the night might be long and the following day even longer, God would be with me each step of the way, providing the strength to meet each challenge.

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