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Perfect Submission
The face of a Pekingese dog
Photo: Angela Seiffert
A little over a year ago, I bought my wife a Pekingese puppy for Christmas. He was the last one of the litter; actually, his parents were sold before he was. He was real hyper and curious the day I got him and I knew my wife would love him to death. When I brought him home she named him Milo. Before I go on, you should know that Milo is a unique dog.

Like most dogs, he is very protective of our house and of us. Whenever someone walks close to the fence he barks like crazy at them. He even barks at people walking a block away. When the man from the gas company comes in the yard to check the meter, Milo lets him know who the boss is. He isn’t a very big dog but his heart is the size of a lion’s. That’s funny because he even looks like a lion.

Like most dogs, he always wants to be around us. When we leave him at home, he whines and whimpers while watching our car drive off. When we are at home he follows us into every room (he especially does this to my wife). He loves to be held too. He sits comfortably in my wife’s arms as she carries him around the house. He even wants to be held so he can watch my wife cook dinner.

Evidence of Trust

There is one thing about Milo I've never seen another dog do. When my wife or I go to pick him up, his body goes limp and he lets us do all the work. I can grab Milo by his four feet and drag him across our wood floors and he won’t try to stop me. If Milo is on the bed or couch with us, my wife will drag him over to pet him and Milo will lie helplessly limp. He won’t even hold his own head up! Milo has perfect submission because he has complete trust and confidence in us.

At the same time, Milo still uses all of his dog instincts. He loves to run around, play with our other dog, sniff things, mark his territory (even when it’s not his), bark at things, listen, and of course, he loves to sleep.

Watching how Milo acts made me think about my relationship with my Master. Perfect submission can be seen in David's Psalm, “Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; your Spirit is good. Lead me in the land of uprightness” (Psalm 143:10). I should strive to protect his Kingdom better. I should have complete trust and confidence in Him to the point where I don’t even have to lift my head. I should do this while still using all the talents and abilities God gave me. Milo’s perfect submission is a great example for all Christians.

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