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Better Than Convenience
Photo: Adriana Cal
We’re drawn to the things that “make life easier.” Drive-thrus, cell phones, wireless everything, DVRs and TiVos. We microwave anything and everything. We walk around with Bluetooth ear pieces that make us look like co-dependant robots (at least in my humble opinion). We have no time for anyone or anything. We live “busy” lives. Somehow we’ve all become celebrities, with no time to talk to anyone, too busy to sit down and eat, rushing from here to there, too important to really care about anything. We’ve become addicted to lives of convenience.

Through all the noise and stress of trying to live such crazy lives, we live and believe in a faith that is anything but convenient. And that is comforting. The other day as I was reflecting on my life I saw just how convenience-driven I have become (I can’t live without my DVR), and was relieved to realize that living a God-life gives me permission to be released from this.

I now understand why the Christian writer Mike Yaconelli said we live lives of “messy spirituality.” God does not make it easy for us. He pushes and stretches. He chips away and rebuilds. Faith is hard. It hurts. It takes work and sometimes we’re left broken. But His grace is enough. Sometimes we have to go through the reconstruction, which is full of pain, to become the God-people He wants us to be.

Fast Religion?

When we live, or attempt to live a God-life, we have to be thinking individuals. There’s no easy way out. With God there are no drive-thrus. We can’t microwave our faith into existence. We can’t zip through the commercials of life or speed up building our faith. With God we live in reality. It’s messy and it takes time. It requires us to disconnect from our convenience attitudes long enough to slow down and hear Him speak.

With God, we live in the here and now and in anticipation of an awesome future that lies ahead. Rescue is coming! One day soon God will deliver us from this crazy life and bring us into an eternity of heavenly comfort and convenience. In the meantime, let's relax and be the God-people the world needs to see and know.

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