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Hearing the Unheard
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Five-year-old Robert Turner did the right thing when he dialed 911. He had called to report that his mother had collapsed on the kitchen floor, but instead of sending help, the dispatcher scolded the soft spoken child for playing a telephone prank. Somehow thinking that he might get in trouble, Robert hung up the phone.

Three hours later the worried boy dialed 911 again only to be met with resistance and reproof from the same operator.

Robert was now angry and said he wanted his mother back, but it was too late. She died because no one would listen to his desperate plea for help.1

I must admit, I wept when I saw the video of this brave, motherless, young boy telling the story of how he had tried so hard to get somone to listen. As I pondered his failed attempt to gain the ear of a scolding dispatcher, I found my self wondering; how many people cry out to each of us with real, legitimate needs, only to find someone who is too busy or too uninformed to listen? How many times do we fail to tune in to the fruitless attempts of their desperate longings to be heard?

I Can't Hear You

Our ability to really listen to another individual is often clouded with the anxieties and frustrations of our own lives.  We often get so caught up in what we need, what we want, what we should have, that we fail to be sympathetic to someone else’s struggles.

I am so thankful that though I often fail to hear what people are really saying to me, that we have a God that is always listening to our heart’s need to be heard.

“Every time I’m in trouble I call on you, confident that you’ll answer” (Psalms 86:7).

Our Creator is listening, and if we allow a heart changing work to take place, we can be re-created into someone who is really listening as well. The Divine Dispatcher can then use us to bring help to those who are crying to be heard.

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1 Researched at www.cnn.com

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