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Faithfully Yours
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It was just a lyric from a song, but it stopped me.

“Faithfully, I will write…write you a love song with my life.” 1 The song is written by a couple, Eric and Leslie Ludy, who embraced a vision for their relationship that was radically different from the way of the world. Previous relationships convinced them that there was more to God’s plan than just saving sex for marriage and only dating Christians. Multiple “Christian” relationships – too many, too fast – had brought only heartache and they were sure God must have a better plan. They both determined not to begin another relationship with anyone until God led them to the person they would spend forever with. Their choice gave them a love story beyond compare and this story, as well as their song reflecting this commitment, has inspired me. 

Faithfully, I am yours
From now until forever
Faithfully, I will write
Write you a love song
 with my life
Cause this kind of love’s
 worth waiting for
No matter how long it takes
I am yours, faithfully

It was the commitment to be faithful to their future husband/wife throughout every moment of their lives that made the Ludys’ story unusual. In her book "Authentic Beauty," Leslie relates how she began to understand this concept: “One day I stumbled upon a verse in Proverbs 31, the chapter in the Bible that describes a wife of godly character. ‘She does [her husband] good and not evil,’ it said, ‘all the days of her life’ (v. 12). The words tugged at my heart. I had always done the bare minimum for that mysterious person out there somewhere known as my future husband. But now, with the patient guidance of my Prince [Jesus], I determined to live a life that would truly honor this man – to do him good and not harm – even before he came into my life.” 2

Even before he came into my life. I’m a teen – I’m not ready for marriage for several years to come. But these words made me ask myself how I’m living up to this commitment. “All the days of my life” means this moment, this school year, these friends I have right now, these influences I’m allowing into my life through media, these relationships I may seek or have. Can I truly say that in each of these areas, I am faithfully writing a pure story with my life? Am I compromising physically in relationships? It’s much more than technically remaining a virgin. And what about my heart? Am I giving it away, piece by piece, through relationship after relationship? Treasuring and saving our emotional purity isn’t something we tend to think about so readily, but releasing our whole heart to someone before we are committed to spending our lives with them may also have a devastating effect.

It may not always be easy. It might mean being radically different from those around me. It will mean completely releasing my own feelings and inclinations, letting God take control. But the beautiful story tailor-made for me by my Creator is worth waiting for, so through God’s grace, I’m waiting…faithfully.

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By Danae Rittenour. Copyright © 2012 by GraceNotes. All rights reserved. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines. Scripture taken from the NEW AMERICAN STANDARD BIBLE®.
1 “Faithfully”, by Eric and Leslie Ludy, from their album Faithfully. Available from www.ericandleslie.com 
2  Ludy, Leslie. Authentic Beauty. Multnomah Publishers, Inc.: Sisters, OR. 2003.

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