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Enough Time
Photo: Andrew Douglas
The alarm clock beeps. You groan, hit the snooze button, and try to hold onto to those few minutes before you jump out of bed, eat breakfast, get ready, and rush out the door. Maybe you quickly opened your Bible or devotional and scanned a page or two, but you probably didn’t spend much time on it.

I know the feeling. Every school break, I determine I’ll do better. I get a new devotional book, buy a prayer journal, and plan to change my habit. Usually I do…for awhile. Then school starts again. I face a mountain of homework, my schedule gets on a roll, and I feel like I can’t spare the time.

First, I tell myself to stop thinking about my quiet time as a “duty.” It’s not just something to check off my to-do list. It’s more than that – so much more. Meeting God everyday is vital to my life. It helps me reflect more deeply.

What should my college major be? God knows the answer.

What do I do about my good friend who’s acting distant toward me? God has the peace for my heart and the courage to face and resolve the situation.

What if I’m feeling overwhelmed with schoolwork and a gazillion things to do? God can lessen my stress and show me how to balance my schedule.

Scheduling God

But how will I be able to see these things when I don’t have the time to spare? I need to see that God isn’t just one more thing to add to my life. God is what I need to center everything else around. If I can’t afford to fit the One who orchestrates this whole universe into my schedule (as I’ve learned all too well) nothing else in my life will come into harmony.

Second, I need to take practical steps to help me have a consistent time with God. For instance, I set a specific time that best fits my schedule. While I usually read a page out of my devotional each morning, evenings leave me more time to relax, read, and pray. Also, I choose something regular to read. I used to find myself spending five minutes just staring at the bookshelf, trying to decide what to read. Now I have a morning book (with small sections that are great for a short time before school) and an evening book (with longer chapters and study questions).

Finally, I make an effort to keep up with homework/studying/whatever during the day! What does that have to do with devotional time? Evening comes, I look at my devotional book, look at my mountain of homework, and guess what happens? Having quiet time with God takes effort. You do have to make sacrifices. But what is that, compared to the sacrifice made by the One who I am setting time aside for each day?

In light of the Cross and what Jesus did for us, the opportunity to spend time with Him and actually get to know Him is one of the most incredible opportunities ever offered us! How can we let it slip through our fingers?

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