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Show Them Your Love
Photo: Lisa Zanchi
Ever feel like your love life, family life, and community life are in the doldrums? Here are some easy tips that will lift your spirits and show others you care:
1. Greet your husband at the door with a big smile, a big hug and a fifteen-second kiss, and tell him how happy you are that he is home.

2. Find ways to laugh with your husband – not at him.

3. If you have “let yourself go” since tying the knot, work on your appearance. Does your husband like your hair long? Does he like a particular perfume? Make a point to freshen your face, wear clean clothes, and brush your hair before he arrives home.

4. Surprise your husband with a spontaneous foot rub.

5. Once every week or so place little love notes in various places he will find them: in his briefcase, in his lunch, in his coat pocket, or in his Bible. Vary the day and place so it is always a surprise. Write a love note in red lipstick on the bathroom mirror and make a date for that evening.

6. Do not nag your husband.

7. Compliment your husband to others – especially when he is present.

8. Pray for your husband and children. Sometimes it is nice for them to hear your prayers.

9. Send lunch love notes to your kids on important days, such as test days, field trip days, etc. Or just send them for fun.

10. Have a special snack ready for your children when they walk in the door from school. Or have supper ready at an early hour so no one goes hungry.

11. Have story time everyday with your children. Snuggle under a comfy blanket and have some laughs.

12. Teach your children how to love others by working with them to reach out to the hurting in your community.

13. Invite a new family over for supper and board games.

14. Take your children door to door and collect cans to donate to your church food basket program or to a local food bank.

Sometimes life gets so busy we just forget to show our love, but the blessings are tremendous! Remember the words of Jesus, “This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you” (John 15:12).

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