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My First Date
Photo: Carlos Paes
Q: I finally got the guts to ask this girl for a date. I’m taking her to a fancy restaurant on Valentine’s Day. The problem is this will be the first time I have gone on a date with a girl! What should I do… you know… with the lips thingy? What if I mess up? What if she thinks I’m a dork? I’m so nervous…

A: Whoa! Whoa! Hold your horses, man! Kissing on a first date? Are you kidding? The best thing you can do with your lips is communicate. Make sure you get that carved on your forehead, dude!

If you want a date to go really smooth, let me give you a couple of thumb rules to follow:

1) Date your best friend. She’ll never think you’re a dork because she already enjoys spending time with you. Dating this way becomes very natural—you are already good friends and know each other well.

2) Keep things simple and be yourself. Fancy restaurants are a little intimidating (and expensive). Choose something more casual if you want to feel relaxed—that will help you to be yourself, without any big expectations.

Forget all romantic scenes you’ve seen on OC and other TV teen shows. They are a very poor representation of what a healthy relationship should look like. What you really need is to focus on getting to know your friend better. Don’t be in a rush to date and make sure that both of you are on the same spiritual wave.

Hands On

If you want a completely stress free date idea, try joining a community service project with your girlfriend. Dates like that are unforgettable and they usually work very well.

Josue’s Pick

Straight Talk,” by Loretta Parker Spivey. A book based on true stories on how teens can make wise choices about love and sex.

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By Josue Sanchez. Reprinted with permission from Canadian Adventist Messenger, February 2006. Copyright © 2012 by GraceNotes. All rights reserved. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines.

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