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The Benefits of Soy
Photo: Mori-Nu
Tofu, soy beverages, and soy burgers are hot items these days. Why the surge of interest in soy products? Research has shown that soy provides a number of health benefits.

Using soy products four or more times a week markedly reduces the risk of breast and prostate cancer. Asian populations using tofu regularly have one-half the rate of cancer seen in similar communities not using soy products.

A regular use of soy lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. The isoflavones in soy decrease LDL cholesterol levels, and improve the elasticity of the arteries. Clinical trials with menopausal women reveals that a regular intake of soy protects against bone loss and hence reduces their risk of osteoporosis.

Most of the health benefits of soy can be experienced by consuming 50 grams (2 ozs) of soy protein per day. This can be obtained in many ways - tofu with stir-fried vegetables, TVP-containing entrees, soy burgers, soy nuts, refreshing soy beverages, frozen or canned soymeat products, and soy flour incorporated into bread, muffins, and other bakery products.

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