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Working Moms
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The debate between moms who work outside the home and those who work inside the home has raged for ages. In the end, I think the title of this little piece says it all. But the paths each woman takes to reach her best conclusion are varied. So what is the best course of action for the working woman who is also called mother?

I can’t tell you what to do, but God can. At a pretty young age, I was blessed with a marriage to a wonderful man, a beautiful baby girl, and a career that I really enjoyed. Three years later the picture was completed with the arrival of a baby boy. Interestingly enough, job and baby never really competed with each other. Perhaps it was due to the situation I was in. I had wonderful supervisors who supported and encouraged my commitment to my own family. I in turn, poured myself into my job wholeheartedly.

At the time, it was necessary for the health of my family’s economy to for me to bring in a salary. And as a relatively young, new mom who hadn’t yet felt called to be at home, I was fine with that. It certainly made it easier that I had loving family members to help with childcare, and of course the flexibility and understanding that my job provided me.

Don’t get me wrong; anyone who knew anything about me knew that my family came first. As long as I had that understanding in place I was more than willing to go above and beyond in the workplace. And I did. I also knew that if my child got sick, there were doctor’s appointments, car troubles, or just a rough night with a sleepless baby, I could have the time I needed and be trusted to get my work done. It was a good balance and it was rewarding. Somewhere along the way I began to feel yearnings for more of my family and less of the outside job situation. I think it was a combination of factors, actually. I grew as a mother. I think I honestly got more competent and felt comfortable in my new mothering skin. And I fell deeper and deeper in love with the family God had given me.

I still really enjoyed my work, but I came to view my job as icing on the cake. For me, my marriage and children, my church, family, and friends had really made my dreams come true. In my heart and mind, my career was an added blessing—the icing to my cake. But I could have my cake without the icing. New roles, new duties, and different priorities on the job and home fronts.

A new direction

These were the things that got me thinking long and hard about what really mattered. It wasn’t long before I started praying for God to move me in a new direction. And He did. As He always does.And one fine day the opportunity presented itself. The offer that awaited me? Nothing more than longer hours with little to no pay and a tightening of the budget, but the freedom to be the type of wife and mother I had been yearning to be. So the big switch from “woman-with-paid vacations-and-spacious-office-of-her-own” to “woman-entertaining-toddler-while-balancing-laptop-on-one-knee” was a significant direction change. A change well worth it, for I believe God had been busy growing me for the role.

There are mothers who know from the moment their pregnancy tests read positive that they will sideline their careers to parent at home. Others come to that decision gradually or not at all. With finances and futures to consider, it is never an easy choice. But the God who has promised to supply all our needs is faithful.

The decision to work in the home or outside it is one that God can direct. As I discovered when I worked outside the home and I as I see now; when you do what God has called you to do, He has a way of taking care of all the details—including the family, including the finances, including you.

By Wilona Karimabadi. Copyright © 2015 by GraceNotes. All rights reserved. Use of this material is subject to usage guidelines.

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