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Got Word?
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When I was growing up in the 50s and 60s, getting enough milk into America's youth became a high priority. The importance of calcium for bone development was increasingly recognized as essential, and milk became the conduit through which this mineral element was distributed.

I loved milk a lot, and my mother bought the special non-fat version just for me because I was a little chubby back then. I thought the "blue water" was a little strange but I drank it anyway because I wanted to please my mom.

Two rather quirky milk-related products that came out then were concentrated milk and flavored straws. I don't know how they did it, but to save room in the frig, you could buy this black carton of concentrated milk to which you would then add three parts water. I think it was called three-in-one milk.
The other product was flavored straws. Millions of moms packed these strawberry or chocolate flavored straws in their kid's lunches. As the milk would go through the straw it would pickup the flavor. The straws were not very efficient and sometimes you would get a lot of flavor and other times you wouldn't get any.

We need God's Word

I really wish as much time and effort could be put into making products which deliver the Word of God into our lives. Just as we need our daily calcium, we need that daily Word.  

Three-in-one milk, flavored straws were designed to get milk into life. I challenge you today to do whatever it takes to get the precious life nourishing, life changing Word of God into your life and into the lives of others. Got Word?

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