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Climb Every Mountain
Photo: Andreas Just
The Tour de France is one of my very favorite sporting events. The bicyclists that pedal through the nearly three week race are some of the most super-human athletes in the whole world. Day after day they travel great distances at an incredible speed.

My favorite part of the event is the mountain stages. During the tour they are required to pedal over these long mountain passes, some of which are very, very steep. As they near the end of the climb, the faces of the athletes reveal the incredible effort that is needed to hurl their bikes up the mountains. Since I have also liked to climb mountains on my own bike I have a certain appreciation for both the torture that a great climb can bring and the pure satisfaction of finally making it to the top.

When I started riding nearly twenty years ago, I made up my mind to never, ever stop on any hill. There comes a time during a climb when you feel that you just have to stop. This is the "moment of truth"--shall I stop or go on.  Having a goal at the foot of the hill to make it to the top without stopping provides a wonderful impetus to keep on going despite the discomfort you might be feeling.

Setting life's goals

In life, there are always "moments of truth." Moments that determine whether we take one action or another. Having a set goal or plan before the crisis comes upon us provides both guidance and strength to get through that moment of truth.

I pray that wherever you are on the hill . . . whether at the bottom, the steep part, the top or coasting down, that you will ask the Lord to be your guide and strength today. For Jesus climbed the biggest mega-mountain of all time at Calvary. He conquered that hill and is now beside each one of us as we struggle up life's mountains. May the Lord inspire you and strengthen you to use all your might to climb the mountains of His choosing.

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